Card Weaving Cards

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Sold in a pack of 25.

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Card weaving (also known as tablet weaving) is a way to create patterned woven bands that are sturdy and beautiful. Though cards are often regarded as a simple tool, the weavings they can produce are infinite in design and complexity. The portability of these cards gives you the possibility of carrying a four harness loom in your pocket.

You can use the cards on their own with a simple tensioning device, such as tying the yarn to a door knob and tensioning around your waist. Or use the cards on a loom. Our Inkle Loom is an ideal companion, but you can also use them on a Cricket, Flip, table, or floor loom.

Schacht has developed a card that, at 3-1/2" inches square, is comfortable in the hand without being bulky. Colored bands and stripes are printed along each edge to help you keep track of the card's position. Made of sturdy yet flexible 24-point card stock, these cards will serve you well over many, many warps.

The cards come in packages of 25—more than enough for a range of projects. All you need to add is yarn and a belt shuttle. You can start weaving complex bands at less than the cost of two coffees!

What's Included

  • 25 cards
  • instruction manual

What Can you Make with Specialty Looms?

garden hat bands
Inkle Loom Bands

Hat bands, watch bands, camera straps, dog leashes, key chains —anyone can use a band!

Card Weaving Bands

Use weaving cards alone or on the Inkle Loom for extra patterning on bands.

Patch the Puppy
Zoom Loom Squares

Join squares for OOAK blankets, accessories, stuffies, and more.