Tapestry Loom

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A-Frame Stand sold separately.

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Among the simplest of looms, the tapestry loom holds a continuous warp under tension, allowing the weaver to see all of the warp at once. Sheds are formed using heddle bars and string heddles or Texsolv heddles. While only 2 heddle bars are needed for traditional tapestry weaving, we provide 4 so that beginning weavers can also experiment with 4-shaft pattern weaving.

Our 25" tapestry loom has a tension beam with thumb screws to keep the warp tension even throughout your weaving. The continuous warping system allows a 60″ long warp to be put directly on the loom without using any other warping tools.

Shown here with optional A-Frame Stand.

  • Danish oil finish
Tapestry Sampler Bag

What's Included

  • loom—assembly required
  • four heddle bars
Weave a Tapestry Sampler Bag

Compare looms for tapestry weaving

Arras Loom
Arras Tapestry Loom
Tapestry Loom and A-Frame Stand
Original Tapestry Loom
  • 25" weaving width x 60" warp
  • four heddle bars
  • optional A-Frame Stand

School Loom
School Loom
  • 15" x 20" maximum weaving size
  • built-in stand
  • beam teeth for 6 or 12 EPI
  • weaving tools included
weaving on Lilli Loom
Lilli Loom
  • 10" x 15" maximum weaving size
  • beam teeth for 6 or 12 EPI
  • weaving tools included