Can I make my 4-shaft loom into an 8-shaft loom?

The simple answer is "yes," if you own a 4 Now-4 Later loom. There are several ways to tell:

  • Look inside the castle of your loom, where the shafts sit in harness channels. If you see empty harness channels, you can probably add more shafts to your loom.
  • Check the serial number. If it ends in 4-4, it's a 4 Now-4 Later. If it ends in just one 4, it's a 4-shaft loom.
  • Measure the castle side's width with a steel tape measure. If it's 5-1/8" wide, it's a 4 Now-4 Later. If it's 2-3/4" wide, it's a 4-shaft loom.

Buy a 4-Later Kit for your Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf here. The Wolf Pup comes in two styles, the 4-shaft LT and the 8-shaft 8.10; you cannot add shafts to either one. 

Buy a 4-Later Kit for your 36" or 45" Standard Floor Loom here. 

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