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Baby Wolf


The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26″. Choose from 4 or 8 shafts, or the 4 Now-4 Later model that allows you to expand to 8 shafts at any time. Our Height Extender raises the loom 2″, making it the same height as our Standard Floor Loom.

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Our Baby Wolf loom is the most uncompromising small loom available today. It has all the advantages of portability while maintaining the best big loom features. If compactness and portability are what you are looking for, you’ll be interested in this thoughtfully engineered loom.

The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26″. You have your choice of 4 or 8 shafts, or you can choose our 4 Now-4 Later* model which allows you to expand from 4 shafts to 8 shafts at any time. The X-frame design is exceptionally stable and can be folded to a depth of 18″.

The adjustable beater allows the position of the shuttle race to be raised or lowered if necessary. The Baby Wolf employs a friction brake on the warp beam that lets you advance the warp smoothly.

*The 4 Now-4 Later model is an 8-shaft loom shipped with 4 shafts installed and the space to add an additional 4 shafts. You can purchase a kit to add 4 shafts at a later time. These looms are shipped with all the heddles, tie-ups, and other items normally included with an 8-shaft loom.

Height Extender
Our height extender raises the loom 2 inches, giving our Wolf looms the same weaving height as our Standard Floor looms.

Wolf Pup LT

Wolf Pup 8.10

Baby Wolf

Mighty Wolf

Weaving Widths 18″ 18″ 26″ 36″
Loom Width 26″ 28” 34″ 45″
Height @BB 29.5″ 29.5” 29.5″ 29.5″
Height w/Castle 35″ 35” 35″ 41″
Height Folded 42″ 40.5” 42″ 48″
Depth Open 33″ 35” 33″ 33″
Weight 4-Shaft 40lb NA 53lb 71lb
Weight 8-Shaft NA 69lb 71lb 94lb
Weight 4Now 4Later NA NA 59lb 80lb
Shipping Weight 54lb +17lb +17lb +26lb
Weight 4Later Kit NA NA 12lb 14lb
Shipping Weight NA NA +17lb +26lb
Heddles 4Shaft 300 NA 400 800
Heddles 8Shaft NA 600 800 1000
Heddles 4Now 4Later NA NA 800 1000

Baby Wolf assembly (looms shipped in the US)

Baby Wolf assembly (looms shipped outside of US)

Maintenance and Warranty

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 33 × 34 × 35 in