Standard Floor Looms

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Pictured here with optional Double Back Beam (sold separately).

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Reed 6 dent


Shown here with optional Double Back Beam

Schacht’s Standard Floor Loom has a high castle, available with 36″ and 45″ weaving widths. The high castle includes a storage tray; you will also appreciate holes drilled in the top of the castle uprights for an extension lamp.

All Standard Floor Looms may be ordered with 8 or 4 Now-4 Later shafts (also called harnesses). The number of shafts you choose will depend on the kind of weaving you intend to do. If you have a keen interest in pattern drafting and weave structures, 8 shafts will allow you to fully develop this interest.

The Standard Floor Loom has an underslung jack mechanism to raise the shafts. The jacks pivot from two points equidistant from the center and lift the shafts by pushing up on the center point. We employ a parallel lamm system that gives our looms a light treadling action without any adjustment of tie-up cords.

Our tie-up system is quick and easy to use. Pre-measured nylon tie-up cords hang from the lamms and are attached to a treadle by sliding the appropriate cords into the treadle slot. This makes changing tie-ups very fast.

Other special features of our Standard Floor Looms include:

  • friction-reducing aluminum shaft channels
  • a back beam that folds with or without a warp on the loom, removable back and front beams
  • an adjustable open-sided beater.
  • precise tension control with a ratchet gear and ratchet dog on the cloth beam and a friction brake on the warp beam

assembly manual (looms shipped in the US)

assembly manual (looms shipped internationally)

  • Danish oil finish

36" Standard Floor Loom

Overall Width: 44″        

Height at Breast Beam: 32″        

Height High Castle: 46″        

Depth Open: 38″        

Depth Folded: 26″        

Weight 8-Shaft: 125lb   

Weight 4Now-4Later: 110lb   

Weight High Castle: +10lb    

Weight 4Later Kit: +27lb    

Heddles-8 Shaft: 1000    

Heddles 4Now-4Later: 1000    

45" Standard Floor Loom

Overall Width: 53″

Height at Breast Beam: 32″

Height High Castle: 46″

Depth Open: 38″

Depth Folded: 26″

Weight 8-Shaft: 141lb

Weight 4Now-4Later: 125lb

Heddles-8 Shaft: 1000

Heddles 4Now-4Later: 1000

What's Included—36" Looms

  • 1 stainless steel reed—choose dent above
  • 1000 inserted eye heddles
  • brass reed hook
  • 11" boat shuttle with plastic bobbin
  • 3 apron bars
  • 14 apron cords
  • 2 lease sticks
  • 80 tie-up cords

What's Included—45" Looms

  • 1 stainless steel reed—choose dent above
  • 1000 inserted eye heddles
  • brass reed hook
  • 11" boat shuttle with plastic bobbin
  • 3 apron bars
  • 18 apron cords
  • 2 lease sticks
  • 96 tie-up cords
linen fabric
4 Now-4 Later Loom

This loom can grow with your weaving skills. It's an 8-shaft loom shipped with 4 shafts installed and space to add an additional 4 shafts whenever you wish with our handy 4 Later kit. These looms ship with all the treadles, heddles, and tie-ups normally included with an 8-shaft loom.

Summertime Kitchen Towels

What do I need for Shaft Loom Weaving?

warping board, 4-1/2 yd
Boat Shuttle Kits
maple boat shuttles
Standard Floor Loom Trap, maple
stainless steel reed
heddles for looms
end delivery shuttle
pirns for end delivery shuttles