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We’re Proud of What We Do

Schacht Spindle Company crafts weaving looms and spinning equipment that are sought after by creators and fiber artisans from around the world.  For over 50 years, we’ve been constantly growing, refining, and innovating to produce products that work so well and last so long that our customers become devoted fans. We’re very proud to work here.

Room to Grow

As a successful but small company, we have a lot of opportunity for people who want to develop new competencies and accept new challenges.  Under our roof here in Boulder, Colorado, we manufacture, assemble, design, ship, manage, and market our products.  We work with our hands and we work with our heads, using everything from basic hand tools to sophisticated computerized machines and online platforms in the cloud.

You will refine existing skills and learn new ones when you join the team at Schacht.

Looking After Our Team

Living and working in Colorado is about finding balance.  It’s important to make a living wage, to stay healthy, and be able to enjoy your life outside of work.

Schacht provides competitive wages, health and retirement benefits, dental reimbursement,  life insurance, paid vacation/ time off, and short work days on Friday to get to where you need to go before everyone else.

From coffee in the break room and staff vegetable garden plots to employee discounts on our products, there are also other perks that make life better when you work here.

Online Job Application

Current Open Positions

Assembly Manager

Schacht Spindle Company proudly produces exceptional spinning and weaving equipment that is used by fiber artists and craftspeople around the world.

We have an opening for an Assembly Manager to lead our assembly team in completing the production process and packaging phases for our looms, spinning wheels, and accessories.

The Assembly Manager supervises staff covering Assembly 1, 2, and 3 skill tiers who are organized into several assembly specialties. This staff shares part finishing responsibilities that uses an oil immersion process and are also responsible for product packaging prior to shipment.

The responsibilities of the Assembly Manager include:

  • Lead, manage and hold accountable assembly team members by:
    • Coordinating team member tasks to meet production goals
    • Training staff in product assembly methods that include quality assurance
    • Assist in all phases of the staffing process from hiring, promotion, and review to severance
    • Lead and facilitate Assembly Team meetings
  • Coordinate demand for assembled components with ship date priorities and current part inventory
  • Participate in the product assembly process
  • Daily check-ins with Manufacturing Manager, weekly product needs meetings with Manufacturing Manager
  • Continually improve assembly techniques, tooling needs, and fixturing
  • Clarify and document evolving assembly SOP’s
  • Oversee inventory management of assembly area parts

Schacht offers competitive wages and real benefits. In addition to wages that rival or surpass other shops, Schacht provides health and retirement benefits, dental reimbursement, life insurance, paid vacation/ time off, and short work days on Friday to get to where you need to go before everyone else.

If you possess the skills to meet our requirements, apply online at

Schacht Spindle Company is a family-owned business that has been based in Boulder, Colorado since 1969.

Administrative & Sales Assistant 

The administrative assistant greets visitors, answers the phone, assists sales and managerial office staff and enters order. This position assists all office staff through copying, record-keeping, correspondence, special research projects, and sales. Strong typing skills and proficiency with office equipment and Microsoft Office Suite are a must. Administrative assistants may work directly with customers and perform customer service tasks, such as those of a receptionist.

Strong interpersonal skills are important for this position in order to work well with both customers and colleagues. This position requires meticulous organizational skills and the ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced office. Knowledge of spinning and weaving is important in assisting customers.

Administrative and Sales Assistant Tasks

  • Greet visitors and answer the phone
  • Route and resolve information requests via phone and in-person
  • Special projects as requested
  • Copying, scanning and scheduling assistance for office and manager staff as requested.
  • Maintain accurate records and update customer accounts as directed by sales
  • Organize and tidy office daily
  • Enter orders and communicate with customers

Schacht Spindle Company is a premier manufacturer of handweaving and spinning equipment. Founded in 1969, the company values integrity, strives for excellence, is solution oriented and collaborative.

Location: Boulder, Colorado This is an on-site position.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

COVID-19 considerations:
All employees are required to wear masks while inside. All new hire employees are required to be fully vaccinated. All vistors are required to wear masks while inside.

Apply here. Include an up-to-date resume and details about your experience.

Millwork/ Material Handler

Schacht Spindle Company is the respected producer of sought-after spinning and weaving equipment used by craftspeople and fiber artists around the world.

We are looking for a millworker/ material handler to be a critical link in our team who can keep our shop operating smoothly by managing the flow of materials through our facility and milling raw lumber to tight specifications for use by our CNC operators and other skilled woodworkers.

Previous millwork/ woodworking experience and forklift certification highly desirable. The position requires use of a rip saw, cut-off saw, and 5-head moulder, as well as other woodworking machinery. We will provide thorough training regardless of previous experience.

This position is a good fit for candidates who:

    • Enjoy using their independence and initiative
    • Show pride in their ability to mill materials to close tolerances
    • Can be patient and wise while adjusting and operating complicated and powerful machinery.
    • Possess physical strength to move boards weighing up to 50 lbs.
    • Are methodical and organized.
    • Can work cooperatively with the rest of the talented staff.

What We Offer you:

    • Competitive wages and real benefits. In addition to wages that rival or surpass other shops, Schacht provides health and retirement benefits, dental reimbursement, life insurance, paid vacation/ time off, and short work days on Friday to get to where you need to go before everyone else.
    • Safer work environment. Schacht has gone to great lengths to reduce workplace risks. Our shop utilizes super-efficient dust collection, power feeders and pneumatic hold-downs to keep hands safe, and computerized machines to reduce guesswork.
    • Not the average woodshop. Broaden your skill level. At Schacht, woodworkers will be trained to use a collection of machines not found in standard cabinet shops.  In addition to industrial CNC machines, we use a variety of computer-driven tools from cut-off saws and tenors to wide-belt sanders that allow us to get to super-tight tolerances as safely as possible.
    • Great job security. Our company has been around for over 50 years and enjoys an international reputation for excellence.  Our business is not prone to the ups and downs of the housing market and their consequent layoffs.

Apply here. Include an up-to-date resume and details about your experience.

Production Woodworker

Compensation: Starts at $16 and varies according to experience

Schacht Spindle Company manufactures renowned spinning and weaving equipment for artisans and craftspeople around the world.

We are looking to hire woodworkers for our production area.  Over 2,000 parts go into our range of products and our woodworking staff cuts, shapes, drills, bores, turns, sands, and creates these parts in our 35,000 sq. foot facility.

If you are an entry level woodworker: If you have a desire to learn woodworking and are mechanically-minded, practical, and value producing accurate, high-quality work, Schacht will train you how to operate an array of increasingly sophisticated machines.

If you are a skilled production woodworker: Schacht has opportunities for skilled woodworkers to work with industrial-grade machines that include machinist lathes, 4-head moulders, vertical mills, shapers and 3-axis CNC machines, among others.


    • Pride in producing very accurate work
    • Attentive to detail and ability to notice flaws and errors
    • Good dexterity
    • Able to meet the physical demands of working in a manufacturing environment
    • Proficient mathematical skills to be able to work with fractions and decimals
    • Consistently follows production, health, and safety protocols
    • Desire to work cooperatively with a diverse team of talented woodworkers

Both full-time and part-time work is available. Apply here. 

Assembly worker I

Compensation starts at $16 and varies according to experience

The Assembly team at Schacht Spindle Company put together our esteemed spinning and weaving products used by artisans and craftspeople all around the world.

If you hold yourself and your work to high standards, we will train you to use basic tools and machinery to put the finishing touches on components made by our skilled production staff.


    • Pride in workmanship
    • Good dexterity with basic tools
    • Ability to follow production, health, and safety protocols
    • A discerning eye for detecting flaws and errors
    • Desire to work as part of a diverse team of skilled craftspeople

Both full-time and part-time work is available.  Apply here.