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How do I fix "sticky" or "floating" shafts on my loom?

Easy Fixes Check to make sure that the loom is level. To check level, place a level across the front beam and then the back...

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What options and accessories are available for Wolf looms?

Schacht sold its first Wolf loom in 1982. Now the Wolf family includes 4 different sizes, all with the X-frame design that you can fold...

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Centering The Warp On A Shaft Loom

When you weave on any shaft loom (Cricket Quartet, Schacht Table Loom, Wolf loom, or Standard Floor Loom, your warp should be centered on the...

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What does a loom do?

All looms perform the same basic task of holding warp under tension. On the simplest looms, the weaver manipulates a needle threaded with weft yarn...

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What is a 4-Now 4-Later loom?

Our Baby Wolf, Mighty Wolf, and Standard Floor Looms are available as 4 Now-4 Later looms. The loom is built with 4 shafts installed and...

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