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How do I set up my Wolf loom when it comes out of the box?

This video shows how to set up a new Baby Wolf. Most of the steps apply to other Wolf looms too—see the assembly manual that...

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What's the best way to cover my Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom?

If you want to protect your Schacht loom from sunlight, dust, pet hair, etc., we recommend using a cotton sheet. It's important to let air...

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How do I replace the foam tape on my loom?

Foam tape sits on the cloth beam supports of your Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom so the shafts have a cushion to rest upon....

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How do I choose stainless steel reeds for my loom?

It's best to buy reeds that match the weaving width of your loom. If you buy a narrower reed, it limits the weaving width of...

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