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Why is my loom's ratchet dog missing?

Unless someone removed the ratchet dog from your loom, it isn't missing—it's hiding. The ratchet dog on the Wolf looms and Standard Floor Loom can...

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Can I make my 4-shaft loom into an 8-shaft loom?

The simple answer is "yes," if you own a 4 Now-4 Later loom. There are several ways to tell: Look inside the castle of your...

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How do I fold or unfold my Wolf loom?

All Wolf looms fold and unfold in the same way, whether they have 4 shafts or 8 shafts, low castles or high castles. The only...

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I'm not getting a shed on my Wolf loom or Standard Floor Loom—is there an easy fix?

If you finish warping your loom and don't get a shed when you raise shafts, there are only 3 causes. First, does your warp go...

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Do I need more than one reed for my shaft loom?

It's convenient to have reeds at different setts for your Schacht loom: if you're following a pattern, you don't have to adapt the sleying or...

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