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How do I measure a rigid heddle reed? What is "weaving width"?

The rigid heddle reed of your Cricket Loom or Flip Loom has three jobs: It spaces the warp ends evenly at the sett you want....

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Do I need more than one reed for my rigid heddle loom?

For the Flip and the Cricket, you need more than one rigid heddle reed unless you're always going to weave at the same sett or...

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What is a variable dent reed and how do I use it?

Typical reeds for rigid heddle looms have holes and slots evenly spaced for a particular weaving sett. When you want to weave at 10 ends...

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How do I install apron bars and apron cords on my Flip loom?

Attach the apron cords to the cloth and warp beams: Insert one end of a cord through a beam hole. Slide the 3/16″ dowel through...

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Why does the Flip rigid heddle loom come with three apron bars?

Your Flip Loom includes 3 apron bars to provide more weaving options. You'll always need an apron bar for the cloth beam and the warp...

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